Green Line Beta 43hp

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Product Information

Beta Marine are an ISO Quality Assured Firm. Since 1987.


Engine is available with or without a gearbox.
• Recreational craft directive emission compliant. Mechanically governed c/w;
• Keel cooled header tank & water cooled exhaust manifold. Calorifier feed & return.
• Fresh water pump, male 11/2” dry exhaust outlet & loose fuel / water separator.
• Mechanical fuel lift pump, fuel & oil filtration and sump pump.
• Flywheel housing & drive plate with heavy inertia ring for super smooth running at low rpm.
• Special quiet air intake filter.
• 12 volt starter with 45 amp battery charging alternator – Beta 43, 50 & 60 V-belt driven.
• 2nd 175 amp domestic charging alternator with “Polyvee” drive – Beta 43 & 50HP.
• Shutdown solenoid energised to stop.
• Heavy duty engine rails with flexible mountings.
• “Morse” type end fittings for speed and gear control.
• Beta 43, 50 & 60 – Control Panel ‘C’ key switch controlled for engine preheat & start, push button controlled for engine stop, has a tachometer with running hour recorder, oil pressure, voltmeter & water temperature gauges. Green light indicator for ‘power on’, red warning light indicators & audible alarm for low oil pressure, high water temperature, domestic and or engine alternators not charging. Complete with 3m* of interconnection cable and multi pin plug connector – Optional 0n Beta 30 & 38.
• Deep Brunswick green paint.
• Engine test certificate & operators manual.
• 5 year self-service warranty.*
• Tri-wall packing on a wooden base.


4 Cylinder Kubota engine
43hp @ 2800rpm
Displacement 1999cc
Weight 238kg
250 hour engine oil and filter change period
PRM150 gearbox
twin 12V 45amp & 12V 175amp alternator
Standard control panel with tacho and warning lights



This UK Limited Warranty provides coverage for five (5) years (or 2000 hours whichever
occurs first) for recreational users and three (3) years (or 2000 hours whichever occurs first)
for commercial users from the date of warranty registration. The warranty is for non-serviceable items. The repair or replacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty, does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiry date.

Beta 43 Manual

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